President: Molly Petrey

Molly is a senior from Decatur, Georgia majoring in English and Spanish. She joined mock trial at Wellesley as a first year, came back as a sophomore to be President, and took her junior year off to study abroad. She’s very excited to be back with the team. In her free time, Molly loves to listen to and play jazz and hang out by Lake Waban.

Vice-President: Kathryn Geoffroy

Kathryn is a senior from St. Louis, MO. She is double majoring in Economics and Political Science. This will be her third year as a member of the Wellesley Mock Trial Team, since she spent her junior year studying at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. Kathryn enjoys reading, crocheting, and playing violin.

Secretary: Tala Nashawati

Tala is a member of the Class of 2017. She is pre-med, with an intended major of either philosophy or Middle Eastern Studies. This is Tala’s second year of mock trial, and she’s super excited to be back. Other than mock trial, Tala loves playing tennis, kickboxing, creative writing, and Netflix.


Treasurer: Imara McMillan

A member of the Class of 2017, majoring in International Relations, History concentrating in East Asia with a minor in Education Studies. When not thinking about mock trial you can find her watching movies with her friends, playing Taiko, or out in Boston eating food.


Events Coordinator: Michelle Lee

Michelle is a sophomore from Irvine, California. She is a projected English and Art History major, and is planning on applying to law school. This will be her second year in Wellesley Mock Trial. Her passions and interests include mock trial, taking trips to the museum, watching film noir, and listening to Classic Rock and Jazz.

Gail Zhuang

Gail is a senior studying Economics. She enjoys designing and drawing cartoons, as well as solving easy cryptograms, like the ones on Disney’s Gravity Falls. Her favorite TV show is Sherlock.

Julia Han

Julia is a sophomore majoring in Political Science and French. She is from Vancouver, Canada, where she loves to snowboard in her favorite beanie and eat sushi afterwards. Her other obsessions include The Walking Dead and of course, winning in Mock Trial.


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